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Currency Solutions

From your local currency or commodities, you can acquire an equivalent of Hcoins in your wallet and be able to do transactions worldwide or cashout from more than 2 million points through your Hcoin Mastercard.

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Exchange Altcoins

Did you know we have an exchange platform on your account dashboard ,where you can bring your altcoins(bitcoin,etherium,litecoin etc) and get Hcoins in your wallet, Which you can cash out instantly whenever you want?

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There are many ways to acquire Hcoin as it is our aim to make it available to everyone.You earn Hcoin through our referral system and earn as your down-line earn. Mining and faucets are among other methods of earning. Start Earning Now!

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Simplified Hcoin Mining

We have simplified hcoin mining for our clients so you can mine hcoin from your mobile device or pc through your dashboard by accessing our servers.This way mining hcoin is made available to many without intensive capital.

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Hcoin is a platform created for your daily use, the technologies behind Hcoin is different from the traditional "Blockchain". The Hcoin network consists of many distributed servers, called nodes, that accept and process transactions.

Client applications sign and send transactions to nodes, which relay these candidate transactions throughout the network for processing. By applications we refer to online wallets, payment gateways, and trading platforms.

On every successful transaction a block is created which is then distributed to candidates that are selected according to their activeness on the network. This candidates then receive between 0.2% to 80% of a coin in their wallets additional to their current balance.


Technology that brings Nations together

— HOW IT WORKS ? Click on each step to learn

Joining the Network

To open an HCOIN wallet locate the register or login button below and follow instructions or click here.

After this you now have an account where you can login and start doing transactions according to your balance.You will be issued with a Mastercard used for cashing out.

Joining the network automatically qualifies you to access our mining platform as well as getting a unique referral link through which you can invite other users.

There are many ways to load your account.

Once you have a wallet with us,it is easy to load it with HCOINS. Below are the popular ways of doing it.

  • Through mining from our dashboard.Learn more about mining here
  • There are faucets which reward HCOINS to visitors. Hcoin provides you with over 500 faucets that allows you to earn Hcoin by simply shopping online, downloading your favourite music, videos, games, images. Work smart by inviting your friends & enemies with your referral link, When they earn you earn!. Visit your Hcoin dashboard to start earning.
  • Buying HCOINS from other users on the network.
  • Buying HCOINS from us directly through your bank.
  • Through your specific referral link. This way you earn as your referrals transact.
  • Through exchanging altcoins to HCOIN
  • Where and how to use HCOIN?

    It is our goal to bring cryptocurrency to the simplicity of day to day use by anyone with or without knowledge of the technical aspects.To achieve this, we allow users to cash out their coins into their local currency through cards or agents.This also ensures that an hcoin holder must be able to transact instantly anywhere where ever mastercard is accepted.

    Users must be able to send HCOINS from one user to the other or businesses that accepts HCOIN.

    HCOIN can be traded just like any other cryptocurrency and can be used as an independent currency between two or more bodies that appreciate its value.

    How the card works?

    HCOINS are stored in your HCOIN wallet for security reasons and upon cash out request, an equivalent is transferred to your requested cash out destination

    The HCOIN card is a cash out solution which can be chosen among many cash out options.This card is issued by Mastercard and mastercard T's & C's apply. Card currency is your local currency unless specified otherwise.

    Exchanging your Altcoins to HCOIN!

    We have simplified this process by setting up a platform in the user dashboard ,where users can exchange their altcoins for HCOINS. This is because its easier and faster to transact with HCOINS as it allows instant transactions and local currency cashout.

    Rates and related information are found on the exchange platform.

    • HCOIN


    Our Vision

    Change is implemented by a person and value is determined by an entity. The Hcoin community hopes to bring change to the world economy by not only facilitating trade but as well as income generation.

    By empowering nations to developing entrepreneurial mindset, we shall witness an increase in wealth and financial freedom to participating nations.

    Hcoin is a currency built on principals and strong members support structure, Hcoin has dealt professionally in various industries in order to build its value either then just speculations. Hcoin has brought tremendously great turn out since its insertion, and with the work and plans into making it a dominating currency, it is so limitless in future for Hcoin. Hcoin has mastered numbers of own algorithms, possesses a strong capacity for designing and developing various complementary software and applications.

    — Hcoin Team

    Our Approach

    We believe in a decentralized secure system which protects all your wealth. We have invested greatly in securing your wealth from any cyber related crimes. We also comply with the AML and KYC rules to ensure transparency and to reduce crime.

    At HCOIN , transparency is the concept as cryptocurrencies operate on blockchains , which are ledgers that publish every transaction in the network. We believe this is the best way to deal with manipulated transactions and related offenses. Users have complete control over their transactions and reserve a right to never share their private keys.

    24/7 Support in all departments. We record all calls and messages for training and quality improvement purposes. Put the customer first is our motto and we try our very best to be at your service in real time.

    Our Services

    Cloud Computing

    Here all people on the network ,gain access to a great deal of processing power as they mine HCOINS with our servers through your mobile device or pc.

    This way we have simplified hcoin mining inorder to give everyone an equal opportunity to get hcoins even without the funds to purchase expensive computing machines

    HCOIN Currency

    We are sole generators and developers of HCOIN currency and all the complementary services. With HCOIN currency ,we aim to make crypto currency a day to day medium of exchange ,where users can buy anything anywhere.

    This can be achieved by using our HCOIN cards which can be used at over 2 million terminals world wide

    Exchange Altcoins & Trading

    We use stacking technology to process cryptocurrency transactions in real time.This is the one reason why you should consider exchanging your altcoins e.g bitcoin, litecoin etc into HCOINS and cash out in your local currency instantly. To exchange ,one needs to be logged in to the wealth center.

    Online Mall

    In order to encourage trade in HCOINS , we have created an online mall where hcoins users can buy on discounts. However other methods are still accepted.

    This mall is a huge market place with over 5000 retail spaces for various businesses including hardware,fashion,pharmaceuticals,food and groceries etc etc

    Barter Trading

    Revisiting the concept of currency, we decided to build value of HCOIN including the most primitive commodities.Africa being filled with livestock,minerals and farm produce, users can trade such commodities for an equivalent value in HCOINS. .

    This way users can pay university tuition for their child studying abroad with cattle,maize etc instantly

    Customer service

    It may seem obvious that users must get customer service,but here at HCOIN we take it as a separate industry .We provide support for everything concerning our software and services.We do not want any of our users or aspiring users stranded without an idea on how to go about anything concerning HCOIN.

    This is why we have a 24/7 support.

    Cash Out Worldwide

    HCOIN has secured more than 13+ cash out options for its users worldwide.This makes it easy to cash out HCOIN into foreign and local currencies.HCOIN will be coming soon in order to give our users financial liberty through the ability to access both hard cash and electronic currency worldwide.Currently users can cash out HCOINS at 2 million + points.




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